FBI Memo Confirms Existence of Vampires in U.S.

FBI Memo Confirms Existence of Vampires in U.S.

Story Source: Darqness Herald Newspaper

WASHINGTON – A terrifying FBI interoffice memo reveals that the U.S. Government not only believes in vampires, but considers them a major threat to our country!

The memo was leaked by an FBI staff member who came into its possession during the course of his work. The source asked that his name not be revealed.

The note is written in brief, broken sentences but its meaning is chillingly clear : “Here is info you requested. 60,000 vampires currently active on America’s streets. Mostly large urban areas. At least 9,000 American lives claimed so far this year. Number of deaths likely to climb as creatures are becoming bolder.

We recommend begin National ‘War on Vampires’ immediately.”

FBI officials will neither confirm nor deny the information contained in the memo, but vampire expert Charles Gulton says he believes it’s high time the government starts taking actions against what he and his colleagues have said for years is the most serious problem facing America. Gulton heads up Vampire Hunters, a 294-members group of physicians, researchers and detectives who specialize in tracking vampire activity in the United States.

“The greatest weapons these bloodsuckers have are secrecy and misinformation,” says Gulton. “Most people believe vampires are just phony Hollywood-created monsters. But nothign could be further from the truth. They represent a clear and present danger to us all!

Vampires have existed in the written histories of every country in the world since the dawn of civilization. They crave human blood and are highly intelligent.

Our police sources in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York tell us the vampire prowl those cities by the thousands. So far, most victims have been homeless vagrants. Since no one cares about them anyway, police are reluctant to face ridicule by officially reporting the deaths as vampire-related.

But the victim profile is changing. Since nothing has been done to stop them, the vampires are becoming brazen, less disciminate.

Last month, a prominent New York socialite was attacked and killed as she walked from her private limousine to her home less than 20 yards away. Pathologists found fang punctures in her neck and every drop of blood drained from her body.

It’s my profound hope that the FBI takes this memo seriously and begins taking action soon on this national crisis.”