The intelligence that seems to be behind the UFO phenomenon could be manipulating our beliefs and even our historical becoming. Does the unidentified use a “smokescreen” to hide their true nature and intentions? Could an alien civilization already be among us, acting stealthily?

This week one of the most expected science fiction films of this fall has been released and to accompany its debut we will leave this week a selection with a few of the best aliens we can enjoy on our tablet. A task which is not that simple because the battles against extraterrestrials are a classic of video games and the list of titles to choose from is very long. We have tried to take advantage of it, offering you as many kinds of creatures as possible (because it is not all to face them gun in hand). These are some of the most interesting ones we can find in Google Play and the App Store.

  1. O. V. A 3

Let’s start with one of the Great Classics, which is definitely Gameloft’s N. O. V. A. saga, inspired, as you know, by the popular Halo. We’ve said it’s not all about shooting at aliens, but if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, this is one of the best options, with a very careful combat system and high-level graphics. For some time now, also, we have a free version, with which to test our aim and try to see how passionate we are about the fight to free the land from the invaders will cost us nothing.

  1. AVP Evolution

If we’re going to talk about aliens, there are two references in the history of science fiction that are inevitable, that are Alien and Predator. You know, moreover, that in spite of their different origins these two powerful creatures have been forever united in the Alien vs. Predator saga, which we can also enjoy on our mobile devices thanks to this other action game, in which the confrontation between the two species continues. Of course, we’ll be able to choose which of the two sides we want to fight, freeing the aliens or ending their queen.

  1. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Another name that cannot be missed in a selection like this is Star Wars, with the attraction of getting a little out of the usual formula where aliens are the enemy to beat. As here they are on both sides and, in fact, in this classic RPG, we will have a few fighting with us directly or at least giving us some kind of help. Here we also have Raudal action (with lightsaber if we prefer it to guns, of course), but history and interactions with our peers have far more weight.

  1. Anomaly 2

Coming a little out of the field of action games, another essential saga, if we want to fight aliens, is Anomaly, although here we face a kind of alien a little peculiar, as they are not organic beings, but machines. All the titles that make it up are games of strategy type “tower defense”, which is based, as you know, in preparing defenses that keep us safe from the attacks of the enemy hordes, but in this installment, in particular, the mechanical investing and we are the ones that we have to overcome them.

  1. Out There

Even further away from the classic formula of games based on killing aliens, we have this Out There, a survival game in which we will incarnate an astronaut who has been cryogen zed and wakes up only at a distant point in the Galaxy unknown to him. To survive in this hostile environment, we will have, on the other hand, to familiarize ourselves with the alien species that we will encounter, even trade with them, as we will need to get all kinds of resources and not all will be within our reach.

  1. VEGA Conflict

We ended up with another strategy game (in this case, it is a game of strategy online in real-time more the use, more in the line of Clash of Clans) and not in the that again we to fight against aliens. Even though we have booked as an extra in this list because in reality the struggle is centered in the fleets of space-ships at our command, and to yours, and there is not much direct contact with extraterrestrials themselves. We cannot resist mentioning also before finishing, more in this line of aerial combat but with more action and less strategy, Galaxy On Fire 2.