The Latest Astronomy And UFO News

  • On 9th August 2019, just right over Ireland, people can witness Jupiter as it passes in the space, whilst visible from planet earth. Anyone looking above on this night can easily spot a bright light, like a start but bigger than any normal star and much brighter, just beside the moon. The moon, which is more than a massivemillion kilometers away from the earth, will bear witness to Jupiter which is about 2000 times farther than the moon from earth.
  • As it has been on the news for some time now, Area 51 is scheduled to be stormed by a large mob on 20th September 2019. Area 51 is a location in the North American continent which is virtually inaccessible by any normal person. People on google earth cannot mark the area because f 9its secrecy. A large band of people is getting teamed up to storm the area on the said date, to look for proof regarding alien life on Earth. This is the biggest ufo updates news in the world right now.

Facts About Black Holes

If you are a science nerd, then you must be heavily acquainted with the name blackhole. Blackholes are certain things that have gained a notorious name for themselves and are generally found in the outer space. The reason why blackholes are so popular is because of the mystery that is surrounding them. No one knows what goes inside a black hole, and no one knows where it ends, and what you can find when it does. Einstein’s theory of Relativity was something that brought the Blackhole into the map, and Stephen Hawking’s years of research and creating the “Blackhole information paradox” have shed quite some light into the matter. Here are some interesting facts about blackholes and ufo updates:


  1. 1. Blackholes are formed when a giant neutron star collapse. There are millions of giant neutron stars that are orbiting the universe that we know of, and when such a big star collapses, it creates a black hole that is made generally out of vacuum with a suction power that is so high it is incomparable to any other.
  2. 2. Blackholes have an extreme level of gravitational pull. The gravitational pull of a black hole is so huge that it can pretty much suck in anything and everything that falls into it, and it is way more than that of the sun. Fun fact, when the sun collapses, it might also form another giant black hole in the center of our galaxy.
  3. 3. Blackholes are surrounded by a lot of mystery. One thing, that people are so curious about it is that what exactly goes on within certain blackholes? Well, no one knows for sure but according to many scientists, black holes are places where physics and the laws of science can go bollocks. Many people think that it might be a new pathway for another universe.

UFO Sights and Stories

Until this day, there has been news of several ufo sights and ufo updates and stories all over the world. Area 51 is a place that is notoriously famous for ufo sightings by many of the locals. There are also accounts of several incidents and attacks where a large group of people witnessed a ufo together and have successfully captured a video. Yet, it remains an extremely fascinating topic because no one knows for sure if they even exist. Millions of people all over the world love investigating and learning more about ufo sightings and ufo updates and things related to extra-terrestrial life.

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